announcement against Genetically Modified Rice_LL62 : Greenpeace_against GE rice

Next Generation of Food: None of ingredients from Nature. It’s totally artifical and unnatural. What if it’s the foresight of our food and our future?


 Good eating habits (!) joke or real? In this propoganda of America in late fifties it could be seen that the eating habits could be teached also by goverment.

 In this documentary “Desperately Hungry Housewifes” of the BBC4 as a fact of combination of eating disorders and behaviours towards eating is shown as a growing awareness of british society. And these four different women experience their eating disorders in their own way. Information in pdf: eating

In this documentary some women will go to lose weight. Two average-sized journalists accept a challenge to whittle themselves down to a size zero within 5 weeks. Easily seen the eating changes and behaivoural facts of eating…

Pregnancy is one of the most important developmental periods in life. Pregnant women should consume plenty of high-quality nutrients essential for the foetus development. Pregnant women should also eat foods rich in folate (B vitamins), iron and calcium, to ensure their foetus gets the elements it needs to develop. Women who lack essential nutrients at the start of pregnancy put their own health at risk and perpetuate a cycle of poor mother-child nutrition. A lack of essential nutrients during pregnancy, when the child’s brain is growing most rapidly, can have very long-term effects on the child’s physical and intellectual development and performance in school. Poor nutrition in pregnancy can also cause the child to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, poor immune system or depression. Pregnant women living in disadvantaged situations have more difficulty ensuring proper nutrition.

Feeding baby is another phenomenon 

Birds Feeding: eating by using their beaks

Parrot, as known as the most intelligent bird: eating a walnut held by a foot. The diet of parrots consists of seeds, fruits, nectar, pollen, buds, and sometimes insects and to a lesser degree animal prey.

Diary of eating: Observation of eating habits of my italian (calabrese) flatmate. At the end of this weekly activity it’s found out that coffee (especially espresso-moka) and fruits are of great importance of her eating habit. Another main point of this research is learning the italian-calabrian food culture, which is based on fish, because of the closeness of region Calabria to the sea. As a result of this weekly observation profile-based product development is waited.

(for this observation this source is used: Tales From The Jungle – Malinowski And The Trobriand Islanders _ BBC documentary)

First sketches of profile-based product development process. As a result of observation two main points come out. First one is the process of making espresso with coffee pot,called moka and daily high drinking level of coffee by my profile, which is unhealhty. Second one is the process of cutting big mass of meat. After determinated the main point as making coffee and high-level of coffee consumption, first sketches appeared as located above. The whole process of making coffee, the parts of moka and coffee are researched. As a result of this research to decrease the daily consumption level of coffee from 5 cups a day to 2 or 3 cups, the filling process of the coffee-pot is focused on: the profile overfills the coffee reservoir more than normal level. At the end, the aim of product process is found out. To decrease the level of high coffee consumption during filling the coffee reservoir…

Cimitero Monumentale (Milano)

Pic-nic in an Extreme Condition: Eating in silence and restful. At first sight eating in cemetery seems like disrespectful to its social status and extra-ordinary. But after analysing the cemetery it could be found out that as a place without any emotional and social meanings it is really calm and peaceful, even for eating. For me it is the place where I find the presence.

After seeing the restoration of monumental building and the workers who have their lunch there it could be said that eating in cemetery is a fact that could be got used to it.

Trying to express the taste on its packaging.

The sharp edged package and its involute cover ensure the taste of sweet to its user before it’s eaten. Secondly the involute cover leads to open the package as an extreme way. The taste:  first sharp and exhilarating then sweet…